Corporate & Company Party Organisers

Psst…. Did you hear about the party?

Did you hear about the Office Christmas Party that the other department had ? – Chances are it was organised by Events2!

Whether you want to host a Summer or Office Christmas Party, an Awards Event or have a Celebration, each party requires meticulous planning. Events2 are expert Party Organisers offering the knowledge, expertise and skills to advise and inspire you. We aim to work in partnership with you to deliver the maximum impact, with the most ease.
As a truly independent Event Management Company and professional Party Organisers agency, we can source all of the elements required for your party – from exceptional venues (internationally, locally, indoor or outdoor) to world-beating entertainment and superb catering.
We can handle all aspects of a  Party, including venue sourcing, licensing or local authority requirements, transport, catering, entertainment, security, audio-visual, themeing, accommodation, invitations and guest ‘management’ (i.e. invites, acceptances, special requirements, travel, accommodation and a trillion other details that makes the guest experience special!)
We have many themed party concepts that we can implement too – from Moulin Rouge to Super Heroes, the Great Gatsby to Vegas. Perhaps you have already decided on your theme? No problem, let us help you deliver your vision!
Our attention to detail is second to none and ensures that you and your guests enjoy – the Best Party Ever!

Here are some questions and Answers that might help you book the RIGHT Party!

“So what benefit is there in utilising Events2 to book the event?”

We act on your behalf, unravelling the package contents and negotiating for you to ensure that the best possible deal is obtained, often tailoring the package to suit. We do this all year round for many different clients and utilise our vast experience and knowledge to leverage the best possible arrangements for you.
We do the ‘leg work’ for you with price comparisons, service levels, administration, venue and delegate management- again at no cost to you. The time required to manage these elements properly is significant and is often added to clients normal daily workload. Ask anyone that has organised the event previously!
Our experience and expertise means that we do the work more efficiently – we know what to ask and what to look for.

“Surely I’ll get a better price if I talk direct to the venue ?”

Not the case! You will in fact get, at best, the same price, but usually slightly more expensive. Events2 fees and costs are paid in commissions from the venues. We are happy to disclose invoices from venues to support our claims if deemed necessary!

Some simple points to make the process easy!

Firstly, don’t panic! A little more time in the planning will mean that your enquiry will be dealt with swiftly and will demonstrate your commitment to the event – responses will of a higher quality.
Determine the absolute fixed elements that you have – no of guests, date, format for catering (i.e. bowl buffet, BBQ, sit-down etc), date, times, budget, theme, entertainment, all-inclusive, geography etc. The more fixed elements you have, the less choice you have and thus the higher price you will pay!
Identify a date by which you will be able to confirm your decision and importantly when a deposit can be paid. (At this stage, unless disclosed early in the process, you may find yourself in a first -come first served race). If we are aware of your decision process, we can ensure that the the date is held accordingly – venues will listen to agencies more than they will clients direct – we have relationships that go back a while!
Resist the desire to pick up the phone or email to a venue to make an enquiry – it will almost certainly lead to you paying a higher price than we could get for you. We organise events in venues around the country all year round and have done for many years – honestly, we know how to get the best prices and the right questions to ask to get you the best deal. Additionally, if you book through us you will have us working on your behalf during the lead up to the event – Book it yourselves and you are on your own!!
Be up-front and honest about your budget – to produce proposals for you involves a lot of time for a lot of people – we call in favours and trade on relationships to get you the best deal – the more information we have, the better negotiation we can make for you.

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