Private Clients

Over the past 5 years, more and more of our Corporate Clients have us to help them put together spectacular events to celebrate special birthdays, private parties and even their weddings. We also frequently source and provide front row tickets for heavily over-subscribed public events.

Bringing the same meticulous detail, creativity and imagination of our Corporate events, our Private work always delivers the utmost in sophistication and spectacle. The ‘oohs and aahs’ that we create will continue to be talked about amongst your guests, long after the last drop of champagne has been consumed and the chauffeured Limo’s have pulled away from the venue.

Discretion and often secrecy are the key elements for our Private Clients. We are fantastic at keeping secrets, even under severe pressure from the invited guests before the event!!

private party marquee lit

We pride ourselves in leaving things as we find them and we are often working with marquees on prize lawns and gardens!! We always ensure that all rubbish and evidence of the event are removed returning back to the prior pristine condition whatever that takes!