Environmental Policy


At Events2:, we recognise that we have a responsibility to manage our environmental impact. We take this to include our own activities as well as our operational activities for our clients. Where an environmental solution carries no cost or quality penalty over conventional wisdom, then we shall always adopt the most environmentally beneficial solution.
  • To Identify the significant environmental impacts of our activities
  • To develop suitable objectives and operational procedures to minimise our significant environmental impacts
  • To comply with relevant legislation, regulation and other guidelines relating to significant environmental impacts
  • To minimise pollution, minimise our inputs of utilities and resources and the outputs of emissions to the atmosphere, effluents to waters. Sewers and waste to disposal facilities; endeavouring to re-use, recover or re-cycle materials wherever practicable
  • To ensure that environmental responsibilities are defined, communicated and understood at all levels within our organisation, and wherever possible our clients, offering training where needed
  • To ensure that environmental credentials are considered in our sourcing requirements
  • To communicate, co-operate and respond to views of interested parties, including clients, agents and delegates on environmental issues
  • To strive for continual improvement in our environmental impact and performance