Case Studies

Case Studies

Some examples of our recent events can be found here!


One of our regular Clients wanted to reward a large group of Top Performers for their hard work over the previous 6 months. The desired destination was Prague. We convinced the Client that although Prague would be great, a trip to Iceland would be spectacular!

The trip included a visit to The Blue Lagoon thermal springs on the way from the airport to the 4 star City Centre Hotel, an authentic Viking Dinner, including Viking Warriors. iceland-excursions01.jpgThe following day, in their own fleet of Off-road prepared Land Rovers, the group undertook a 300km self-drive tour of some of the highlights of the Island including one of the largest waterfalls in the World, viewing the spot where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates come together, The natural Geysirs and to top it all a trip onto the glaciers by snowmobile and a chance to experience some off-road driving on the lava hills.

Dinner that evening was a 9 course selection of the fantastic foods that the island has to offer including Whale, North Atlantic Cod as well as plenty of other specialities.A morning of shopping in Reyjavik rounded off a fantastic, but hectic, weekend!!




One of our regular Clients had previously used Events2 for the production element of their Conference for 250 guests. Their own internal policies pointed them towards a number of suppliers to pull the various elements of their conference together. They had found in practice that this solution proved to be inefficient and ultimately more costly. They also felt that they didnt have a single point of reference where they could determine the current ‘state of play’.

The solution was for the Client to appoint Events2 to manage the delivery of all elements including Venue Finding, Venue Management, Delegate Accomodation Management, Catering, Audio/Visual and Production and financial management of the event.

As a result, Events2 researched venue availibility, negotiated special rates for the venue, managed the Delegate rooming requirements, designed and delivered the Audio Visual content of the programme, stage management of all the speakers and finally, the gala dinner and party.

A very happy client, much less stressed staff and a cost saving was the output!


The Client wanted to boost end of year sales. We designed a programme that effectively paid for itself through incrementally generated profit. The key was that, the more the sales team delivered, the better the reward.

The programme was launched with the promise of at least a weekend in Paris for the top 30 performers that beat targets. Additional stretch targets were announced that delivered bigger prizes for the winners as they beat the targets.

The team eventually exceeded the targets by so much that we were able to provide a reward that included a trip for the top 30 performers and their partners to Vancouver and Whistler!

The group flew from heathrow into Vancouver and after a short rest were whisked off to be guests of honour at an Ice Hockey match. Seats provided in a private box.

Guests were greeted upon their return to the bedroom with an invitition attached to an inflatable whale in the bath saying ‘see you in the morning!’. The invite was actually to a private breakfast with the Beluga Whales at the Vancouver Aquarium!

The suprises continued with a change of venue and climate, a short coach ride toom the group to the top of a mountain on the outskirts of Vancouver and the first taste of real snow!

That evening the group transferred in a convoy of 4×4 vehicles up the West Coast to the Olympic Ski Resort of Whistler. The group took part in their own ‘Olympic Challenge’ at the top of the mountain – a series of fun games and relays and over the next 24 hours took ski lessons, husky driving, snow mobiling and even heliskiing. One of the highlights was an evening trip up a deserted mountain in a torchlit procession of snow mobiles to a private dinner in a mountain top lodge!

The Gala Dinner took place at the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club, obcviously at this time closed due to course conditions ie 6 foot of snow!!

A fantastic and unforgettable treat for all involved!!

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