One of our regular Clients wanted to reward a large group of Top Performers for their hard work over the last 6 months. The desired destination was Prague. We convinced the Client that although Prague would be great, a trip to Iceland would be spectacular!

The trip included a visit to The Blue Lagoon thermal springs on the way from the airport to the 4 star City Centre Hotel, an authentic Viking Dinner, including Viking Warriors. iceland-excursions01.jpgThe following day, in their own fleet of Off-road prepared Land Rovers, the group undertook a 300km self-drive tour of some of the highlights of the Island including one of the largest waterfalls in the World, viewing the spot where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates come together, The natural Geysirs and to top it all a trip onto the glaciers by snowmobile and a chance to experience some off-road driving on the lava hills.

Dinner that evening was a 9 course selection of the fantastic foods that the island has to offer including Whale, North Atlantic Cod as well as plenty of other specialities.A morning of shopping in Reyjavik rounded off a fantastic, but hectic, weekend!!

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