Think you know New York? Think Again!

A quick guide to help counter the 5 most common misconceptions about bringing your MICE Group to New York City

Low peak months (Jan – Feb, Jul – Aug) are a great way to get low rates for  accommodation, especially if a Sunday night is included in the stay.  Q1, specifically January and February, offer some of the best values of the year, similar to July and August, and Events2 relationships with suppliers can work in your favour to reduce expenditure in these off-season months.


New York City has 14 miles of beaches:   from beauties in the Bronx, to the historical sands of Brooklyn, or even for surfing from Queens’ Rockaway Beach or Long Beach – 30 Minutes to 1 hour transfer by coach or even by ferry from lower Manhattan.
For fans of the outdoors, a Glamping (urban camping) option is available.  What better way to experience New York than with the Skyline of Manhattan and Statue of Liberty as a backdrop – New York has more to offer than most think and is always worth a visit.


New York City has 5 Boroughs and most visitors only get to see Manhattan.  However, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and the Bronx are home to almost 80% of New York City residents hence there is so much more to see.  For example, Williamsburg, the hip Brooklyn neighborhood draws the young and fashionable to its cool hotels, chic boutiques, trendy cafes and buzzy restaurants.  Street art brightens residential thoroughfares and repurposed factories, while the Brooklyn waterfront provides stunning views of Manhattan and seasonal venues for outdoor concerts and food markets. Dance clubs, happening bars and music halls liven up the nightlife scene.


New York has 30,000 Restaurants and is a walk-able City. Events2 can provide plenty of  good alternatives in walking distance or within a short transfer from your hotel – minimising the transfer time, cost and hassle.  And, with creative ideas to enhance the ride, Events2 can make a transfer entertaining.


New York’s Javits Center alone is just completing a $1.5 Billion project that provides a 1.2 million-square-foot expansion.  The soon-to-be-completed facility will offer 27 new loading docks, a green roof terrace and pavilion, 45,000 square feet of new meeting room space, and a 55,000-square-foot ballroom – the largest of its kind in New York.

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