Should we do it ourselves or employ the professionals, save some money and produce a better result?

‘Its OK , we’re going to save some money and manage it ourselves !’ – This is a statement that Event organisers hear frequently, more and more so in todays uncertain political climate.

Unfortunately we are about to burst that bubble!

We do this job 5, 6,  or even 7 days a week and are constantly learning. Personally after 20 years experience in the business, We have come up against most of the problems that this approach brings to bear – ‘Oh, I didn’t think about how our required layout might affect the space requirement’ or ‘I didn’t realise you needed space for rear -projection, or the impact of room shape on the acoustics causing the need for additional PA equipment, or that low ceiling heights meant that we required additional rigging for lighting of the stage’ – the list is endless.

Unfortunately, however much planning takes place, risks are analysed, and precautions put in place, accidents do sometimes happen.

We have heard many horror stories where delegates have suffered unfortunate accidents and have then had ‘ambulance chasers’ persuade them to sue their employers who subsequently have been found wanting due to inadequate or insufficient briefings, lack of expertise and in some cases negligence.

Event Management Organisations work in the environment every day, our experience of the details required to make things run smoothly and to plan are second to none. (you wouldn’t ask your vet to give you a tooth filling would you?).

Our cost (and of course we do need to make money), usually comes from better negotiations or improved efficiencies, or a combination of both. It is easy to guarantee that the use of an event agency will not add any cost over what a client would pay for a project without said involvement.

This is usually without considering the hidden costs of additional workload, stress and physical man-hours that are placed on the internal resource.

Still think its cheaper to “Do It Yourself’?

Talking to us and our advice costs nothing – why not email us here or call Events2 0n 01582 461027 to do it properly at the right cost!


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